Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Visit With Claudio

During a minor emergency at IBC last night (can't elaborate more due to safety and security of Olympic Park) resulting in an evactuation of the building, I ran into a guy with flags of Brazil all over his shirt and vest and had to ask him, in Portuguese of course, if he was from Brazil... He said he was and asked if were from Brazil as well. He was impressed with my Portuguese when I told him I was from the US but lived in Brazil a couple of years. When he asked where I lived in Brazil he was excited when I said Sao Paulo. The man, Claudio, is also from Sao Paulo; in fact, he is from Ipiranga, which is the second area I lived. We spent about 20 minutes of the evacuation talking about familiar places in Sao Paulo around Ipiranga - Liberdade, Museu Ipiranga, Praca da Se, Morumbi, and others. It was a wonderful visit and could only happen at a place like Olympic Park - a truly global place...

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