Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Llama Temple Beijing - Palace of Peace and Harmony

I visited Beijing's Llama Temple today. Though it was a little misty and rainy, it was still a good day to visit the "lamasery." The temple features five large halls, each containing large statues of Buddah, and five large courtyards. There is also a large collection of Buddhist art, sculputres of Buddhist gods and demons, and Tibetan murals.

The temple was built in 1694 and was used to house eunuchs of the Ming Dynasty. In 1723 half of the Imperial Palace was converted to a "lamasery" - a monastery for Mongolian and Buddhist monks, as it remains today.

Photography of most of the sculptures, murals, and relics are forbidden... Out of respect for the temple and the religion practiced here, I only have photographs of building exteriors.

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