Monday, August 11, 2008

All In A Day's Work - Part 2

Yesterday, I lined out, in general terms, what a typical day at IBC is like, from the perspective of food options. As for my little part of it, I thought I would share what a typical day is for me and my staff...

I am currently assigned as the Garde Manger Chef (cold kitchen Chef). This is what a typical day looks like for us (myself and 10 Chinese culinary students):

1,450 sandwiches/wraps
700 boxed side salads
8 different compound salads (pasta salad, for example), about 150 pounds each
250 Executive boxed lunches for catering events
3 kinds of Paninis prepared, 180 each
3,500 individually wrapped pastries and cookies (we do the wrapping)
45 large cookie trays - for 1,500+ people
450 assorted dessert boxes, with 4 different snacks in each

There is a lot more that takes place in the cold kitchen, but there are other Garde Manger Chefs on other shifts who take care of those things... This is what I am responsible for during a 12 -14 hour shift, 6 days a week...

All in a day's work...

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