Friday, August 22, 2008

Absolutely AWESOME!!! - The Sequel

Unlike yesterday, the sun was shining, it was warm (but not hot), no smog, just a beautiful day - a beautiful to day to go back to Chaoyang Beach Volleyball Park for the Men's Beach Volleyball finals.

This time, I saw Brazil compete against Georgia for the bronze. Having lived in Brazil for a couple of years and having a special fondness for its culture and people, I cheered for Brazil, who won the bronze. It was a pretty close match, though Brazil beat Georgia in both sets.

Brazil (a different team of course) was up again to take on the United States for the gold. The first set was very close, but the US won, in spite of being behind during part of the set. Brazil won the second set, and it, too, was close. However, when both teams came out for the third, tie-breaking set, it seemed like Brazil had lost focus and energy and the US ran away with an easy victory (or it appeared to be easy), to take the gold.

There aren't words to describe my feelings about this part of my Olympic adventure. I have been to 4 Olympic events and have been a witness to at least one US gold in each event (Men's Double Trap, Women's Discus, Women's Beach Volleybal, and Men's Beach Volleyball).

Sure, I have seen other events on TV like everyone else; I've caught the highlights and have cheered on my country from the comfort of my apartment. But, to witness it live and take in all the excitement and energy of the crowd and to stand as the US National Anthem plays and the American flag is raised to honor a US vicotry is an experience beyond description and one I'll not soon forget.

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