Monday, June 9, 2008

Week 2 begins

This is the second of twelve weeks for me in China and what an awesome experience it's been so far. We're starting to gear up for the influx of media and athletes. Finish carpenters are putting the final touches on the main dining area in the International Broadcast Center. We take over the kitchen by the middle of this week and start cooking on the hot line. We won't be serving anyone out of that kitchen for several days. All of the cooking we will be doing from there will be simply to teaching the Chinese how to use Western equipment and teaching them the recipes and menu items from around the world.

In the IBC main dining we will be serving pizza, pastas, sandwiches, kabobs, salads; we will be preparing Italian, German, Indian, Mediterranian, and more. Within a few weeks, we will be serving thousands. So, we need to take the opportunity now to work everything out so that we get it right when it's show time.

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Kim said...


Sounds like much fun. Bre and I have been reading and enjoying your blog.

Covering you with prayer every day