Friday, June 6, 2008

A Day At A Beijing Hospital

This morning was interesting, to say the least. In order to work in food service in China, one must have a license - a kind of Chinese health permit. So I had to go to one of many local health clinics in Beijing for my health permit physical exam. Blood sample, stool sample, chest x-ray, and more in an ironically less-than-steril environment. I'll have to go back for a renewal in 2 months.

I work with some great chefs - some of the best in China as well as world-class talent from other parts of the world. I work directly under Dan Noonan who works at a resort on Northern Arizona's Lake Powell. We have become really good friends, as we have been able to spend time talking about familiar places around Lake Powell (me and my family spent 5 years in St George - southern Utah).

This is the beauty of working the Olympic Games. The opportunity to soak in the rich cultural diversity of this planet is available no where else like it is at the Olympics. More than 200 countries will come to Beijing, partaking of China's rich history, but also sharing part of their own. The culinary staff is just as diverse as the athletes of the games. I am truly honored to have this opportunity.

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