Friday, June 27, 2008

The Pollution - An Update

While the Chinese government, the city of Beijing, and the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games has worked together on a plan to vastly diminish the amount of pollution in the air in Beijing, it is apparent that nothing has been done yet. Just as an example:

This is a picture from the third floor of the International Broadcast Center. You can see the Olympic Tower and can faintly see the Olympic Stadium (the Bird's Nest), less than a block away, through the flag poles in the background. The Bird's Nest, as you can see, is veiled in fog and mist; that mist is the pollution in the air at around 4pm.

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Jo said...

Are they concerned about the athletes being exposed to such a high level of pollution? I know athletes came to Utah early to adjust to the altitude. Are athletes preparing the same way for the pollution?
Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Our whole family reads the blog daily!
Love ya,
Johanna and the Utah Halls